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Dr. Yago Diez Donoso
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University, Japan

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Selected publications
- HT Nguyen, ML Lopez Caceres, K Moritake, S Kentsch, H Shu, Y Diez Individual Sick Fir Tree (Abies mariesii) Identification in Insect Infested Forests by Means of UAV Images and Deep Learning. Remote Sensing 13 (2), 260 2021 [JCR EPS IF 4.118, Q1(7/30)]  (MDPI link)
- S Kentsch, M Cabezas, L Tomhave, J Gross, B Burkhard, K Waki, Y Diez Analysis of UAV-Acquired Wetland Orthomosaics Using GIS, Computer Vision, Computational Topology and Deep Learning. Sensors 21 (2), 471 2021 [IF 3.501, Q1(38/374) INS]  (MDPI link)
- Kentsch, S.; Lopez Caceres, M.L.; Serrano, D.; Roure, F.; Diez, Y. Computer Vision and Deep Learning Techniques for the Analysis of Drone-Acquired Forest Images, a Transfer Learning Study. Remote Sensing 12(8), 1287, 2020. [JCR EPS IF 4.118, Q1(7/30)]  (MDPI link)
- E. García, Y. Diez, O. Diaz, X. Lladó, A. Gubern-Merida, R. Martí, J. Martí, A. Oliver. "Breast MRI and X-ray mammography registration using gradient values". Medical Image Analysis. Vol 54, pp 76-87, 2019. [JCR CSAI IF 8.880, Q1(5/133)]  (ScienceDirect link)
- Y. Diez, M. Fort, M. Korman, J.A. Sellarès, "Group evolution patterns in running races", Information Sciences,Volume 479,2019,Pages 20-39, [JCR CSIS IF 5.524, Q1(9/155)]  (ScienceDirect link)
- F. Roure, X. Lladó, J. Salvi and Y. Diez. "GridDS, a Hybrid Data Structure for Residue Computation in Point Set Matching" Machine Vision and Applications 30 (2), 291-307,2019 [JCR CSC IF 1.788, Q2(10/23)  (Springer link)
- E.García, A.Oliver, Y.Diez, O.Diaz, X. Lladó, R.Martí, and J.Martí. "Multimodal breast parenchymal patterns correlation using a patient-specific biomechanical model" IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, 37(3), pp 712-723, 2018. [JCR RNMI IF 6.131, Q1(9/128)]  (IEEEXplore link)
- J.F. Baffier, M.K. Chiu, Y. Diez, M. Korman, V. Mitsou, A. Renssen, M. Roeloffzen, Y. Uno. "Hanabi is NP-complete, Even for Cheaters who Look at Their Cards" Theoretical Computer science, 675: 43-55, 2017. [JCR SCIE IF 0.772 Q1 38/406]  (ScienceDirect link)
- M. Habib, Y. Diez, J. Salvi,X Lladó, "A collection of challenging motion segmentation benchmark datasets." Pattern Recognition,61, 1-14,2017,Pergamon [JCR CSAI IF:3.399 Q1(15/130)]  (ScienceDirect link)
- Y. Díez, F. Roure, X. Lladó, J. Salvi. "A Qualitative Review on 3D Coarse Registration Methods". ACM Computing Surveys, to appear. [JCR CSTM IF 4.04, Q1(3/102)]  (ACM link)
- O. Ganiler, A. Oliver, Y. Díez, J. Freixenet, J.C. Vilanova, B.Beltrán, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, A. Rovira, and X. Lladó. "A subtraction pipeline for automatic detection of new appearing multiple sclerosis lesions in longitudinal studies". Neuroradiology, 56(5), pp. 363-374. 2014. [JCR RNMMI IF 2.374, Q2(38/121)]  (Springer link)
- Y. Diez, A. Oliver, M. Cabezas, S. Valverde, R. Martí, J.C. Vilanova, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, A. Rovira, and X. Lladó. "Intensity based methods for brain MRI longitudinal registration. A study on multiple sclerosis patients". Neuroinformatics, 12(3), pp 365-379, 2014. [JCR CSTM IF 3.102, Q1(12/102)]  (Springer link)
- Y. Díez, A. Oliver, X. Lladó J. Martí, J. Freixenet, J.C. Vilanova, R. Martí. "Revisiting intensity based image registration appplied to mammography". IEEE Trans. on Information Technology in BioMedicine, 15(5), pp 716-725, 2011. [JCR CSIA IF: 1.676 Q1(27/133)]  (IEEEXplore link)
- Y. Diez, J.A. Sellarès, "Noisy Point Set Matching". Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 159, Issue 6, pp 433-449, 2011. [JCR MA, IF 0.795 , Q2 (106/245)]  (ScienceDirect link)

Research interests
- Deep Learning Applications, Remote Sensing, Computational Geometry. 3D Coarse Matching of point clouds. Trajectory Analysis. Medical Image Registration. Multiple Sclerosis imaging. Breast MRI.

Work experience
- October 2017 - Present: Associate Professor at Yamagata University (Yamagata, Japan), Faculty Of Science. Working on the development of a new Data Science BsC course in Yamagata university. Teaching Programming and other Data-science related subjects. Research in Medical Image and other Applied fields.
- 2015-2017: Assistant Professor at Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan), Tokuyama Laboratory. Research in the context of the Japanese Government funded IMPACT project on Robotics Challenges for disaster intervention. Focus on Algorithms for GPS trajectory processing and video analysis.
- 2012-2015 Postdoctoral Researcher at Girona University, Computer Vision and Robotics Group (VICOROB). Research in the context of the EU FP7 ASSURE project, research focus on Breast Imaging (X-Ray/ABVS/MRi).
- July 2011 - June 2012: Research Project manager (Gestor Gran Abast) at VICOROB Group.
- March 2009 - June 2011: Postdoctoral Researcher at Computer Vision and Robotics (VICOROB) Group UdG
- 2008-2009, Researcher at Girona Graphics Group (GGG). Research involving GPU (CUDA) implementation for Computational Geometry algorithms for GIS aplications.
- Five years of predoctoral research in the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics department in UDG, as a member of GGG.
- (2004-2006 and 2007-2008) Assistant professor (part time), at the University of Girona, teaching practical contents in the following subjects:
1. Algorítmica 1 y Algorítmica 2 (Algorithmics 1 and 2) Computer Science Studies (ETIG).
2. Fundamentos de Informática (Computer Science Basics) Mechanical Engineering Studies (ETIM), Electronic Engineering (EITIE) and Chemical Engineering (ETIQUI).
- (2006-2007) Visiting Professor (Full Time) at the university of Girona. Teaching theoretical and practical lessons in the subject "Fundamentos de Programación" (Introduction To Programming) of Industrial Engineering Studies (EI).

Formal education
- (1996 - 2002) M.S. , Mathematics: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), finished in 01-02.
- (2003-2008) PhD. Program, UPC and Universitat de Girona (UDG). Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA), year 2006.
- PhD: Thesis title: "2D and 3D Colored Point Set matching under the bottleneck distance", year 2008. Download.

- Spanish, Catalan (native speaker).
- English, fluent, Proficiency title (Cambridge University CPA) since 1996).
- Japanese, advanced, JLPT N2 July 2018, (currently studying for N1).