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Dr. Yago Diez Donoso
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University, Japan

- Drone image processing for Forestry Applications Course. Yamagata University.

Public Identifiers:
- ResearchMap
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- GoogleScholar

- ASSURE Personalized breast cancer screening. European Project.
- ANDREA Project. Spain.
- SALEM Group. Girona. Spain.

Institutional links
- TOHOKU University. Sendai. Japan.
- Tokuyama Laboratory. Sendai. Japan.
- Computer Vision and Robotics (VICOROB) Group. University of Girona. Spain.
- Girona University (UdG). Spain.
- Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya- BarcelonaTech. Spain.

Public source code
- Public code  (related to: Y. Diez, A. Oliver, M. Cabezas, S. Valverde, R. Martí, J.C. Vilanova, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, A. Rovira, and X. Lladó. "Intensity based methods for brain MRI longitudinal registration. A study on multiple sclerosis patients". Neuroinformatics, 12(3), pp 365-379, 2014. [JCR CSTM IF 3.102, Q1(12/102)] )
- Public code  (related to: Ferran Roure, Yago Diez, Xavi Lladó, Tomislav Pribanic, Josep Forest and Joaquim Salvi. An Experimental Benchmark for Point Set Coarse Matching. 10th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Berlin (Germany), March 11-14, 2015. )

Coauthors websites
- Waki Katsushi. Yamagata University. Japan
- M. Larry Lopez C.. Yamagata University. Japan
- Matias Korman. Tokuyama Laboratory. GSIS, Tohoku University. Sendai. Japan
- Xavier Lladó. VICOROB Group. University of Girona. Spain.
- Arnau Oliver Malagelada. VICOROB Group. University of Girona. Spain.
- Robert Martí. VICOROB Group. University of Girona. Spain.
- Joaquim Salvi. Professor of Computer Vision. University of Girona. Spain.
- J. Antoni Sellarès. Computational Geometry Group. University of Girona. Spain.
- Joan Martí Bonmatí. VICOROB Group. University of Girona. Spain.
- Marta Fort i Masdevall. Computational Geometry Group. University of Girona. Spain.
- Lei Wang. Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS. Bremen. Germany.
- Julia Schwaab. PhD Student. Medical Imaging Research Institute GmbH. Heidelberg. Germany.
- Ferran Roure. PhD Student. VICOROB Group. University of Girona. Spain.