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Dr. Yago Diez Donoso
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Yamagata University, Japan

Journals: 8, Abstracts in medical journals: 5, Conferences: 24
T. Pribanic, Y. Diez, F. Roure, J. Salvi "An efficient surface registration using smartphone". Machine Vision and Applications, to appear. [JCR IF 1.351, Q2)]
S. Valverde, A. Oliver, Y. Díez, M. Cabezas, J.C. Vilanova, Ll. Ramió- Torrentà, À. Rovira, and X. Lladó. "Evaluating the effects of white matter multiple sclerosis lesions on the volume estimation of six brain tissue segmentation methods". American Journal of Neuroradiology, to appear. [JCR RNMMI IF 3.675, Q1(18/122)] ( pdf )
Y. Díez, F. Roure, X. Lladó, J. Salvi. "A Qualitative Review on 3D Coarse Registration Methods". ACM Computing Surveys, to appear. [JCR CSTM IF 4.04, Q1(3/102)]  ( Researchgate link )
O. Ganiler, A. Oliver, Y. Díez, J. Freixenet, J.C. Vilanova, B.Beltrán, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, A. Rovira, and X. Lladó. "A subtraction pipeline for automatic detection of new appearing multiple sclerosis lesions in longitudinal studies". Neuroradiology, 56(5), pp. 363-374. 2014. [JCR RNMMI IF 2.374, Q2(38/121)]  ( Springer link )
Y. Diez, A. Oliver, M. Cabezas, S. Valverde, R. Martí, J.C. Vilanova, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, A. Rovira, and X. Lladó. "Intensity based methods for brain MRI longitudinal registration. A study on multiple sclerosis patients". Neuroinformatics, 2014 Jul;12(3):365-79. [JCR CSTM IF 3.102, Q1(12/102)]  ( Springer link )
Y. Diez, J. Marti, J. Salvi. "Hierarchical Normal Space Sampling To Speed Up Point Cloud Coarse Matching". Pattern Recognition Letters 33(16) pp. 2127-2133, 2012. [JCR CSAI, IF 1.266 , Q2 (56/112)].  ( pdf )
Y. Díez, A. Oliver, X. Lladó J. Martí, J. Freixenet, J.C. Vilanova, R. Martí. "Revisiting intensity based image registration appplied to mammography". IEEE Trans. on Information Technology in BioMedicine, 15(5), pp 716-725, 2011. [JCR CSIA IF: 1.676 Q1(27/133)]  ( pdf )
Y. Diez, J.A. Sellarès, "Noisy Point Set Matching". Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 159, Issue 6, pp 433-449, 2011. [JCR MA, IF 0.795 , Q2 (106/245)]. ( pdf )

Abstracts in medicals journals
S.Valverde, A. Oliver, M. Cabezas, Y. Díez, J. Freixenet, X. Lladó, J.C. Vilanova, A. Rovira and Ll. Ramió-Torrentà. "A quantitative study of the effects of White Matter MS Lesions on tissue segmentation methods". Multiple Sclerosis. 19(S1), pp 407-408. Copenhagen, Denmark. 2-5 October 2013. [JCR CN IF:4.472 Q1(25/191)]  ( pdf )
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M. Cabezas, A. Oliver, X. Lladó, Y. Díez, J. Freixenet, J.C. Vilanova, A. Quiles, G. Laguillo, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, D. Pareto, and A. Rovira. "A supervised approach to segment multiple sclerosis lesions using context-rich features and a boosting classifier". Multiple Sclerosis. 18(S4), pp 157. Lyon, France. October 2012. [JCR CN IF:4.472 Q1(25/191)]  ( pdf )
O. Ganiler, X. Lladó, A. Oliver, Y. Díez, J. Freixenet, J.C. Vilanova, A. Quiles, G. Laguillo, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, D. Pareto, and A. Rovira. "Detecting evolving white matter MS lesions in serial brain MRI studies: analysis of a subtraction approach". Multiple Sclerosis. 18(S4), pp 385. Lyon, France. October 2012. [JCR CN IF:4.472 Q1(25/191)]  ( pdf )
Y. Díez, X. Lladó, A. Oliver, R. Martí, E. Roura, M. Cabezas, O. Ganiler, J. Freixenet, J.C. Vilanova, L. Valls, Ll. Ramió-Torrentà, D. Pareto, and A. Rovira. "Registration of serial brain MRI scans from multiple sclerosis patients. Analysis of 3D intensity-based methods". Multiple Sclerosis. 18(S4), pp 384-385. Lyon, France. October 2012. [JCR CN IF:4.255 Q1(27/191)]  ( pdf )

Y. Diez, A. Maroto, O. Diaz, A. Gubern-Mérida, R. Martí. "A study of rigid registration methods for ABUS temporal studies ". European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Viena (Austria), March 2-6, 2016.
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